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Hello, I'm Guilherme Aquino. I'm a Enterprising, front-end dev, back-end dev

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Guilherme Aquino

Enterprising, front-end dev, back-end dev and tennis player :)

  • +55 (35) 9236-6766

  • Who is Guilherme Aquino?

    Seriously don't you know?! OMG

    A Brazilian nineteen years old. Majoring in Information Systems at UEMG. Front-end and back-end Web Developer where has experience since 2011.

    As enterprising, he founded the web and mobile agency "WM" and the Software as a service named "DataHair"

    Believes that the schools should teach programing to the childrens since Elementary school, therefore we'll have a entrepreneur world in a high level and then a better life!

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